2019 Presenters


Call for Presentations!

We are accepting applications from experienced presenters to take part in our highly attended Midwest Health Promotion Conference taking place on September 18, 2019, for our Breakout Sessions. This year's theme is Intention, Influence and Inspiration. Our current Call for Presentations opens March 4, 2019! We welcome all submissions, but they must be received by April 5, 2019.

If you have any questions, please contact the Conference Coordinator at:
(763) 287-0740 or conference@healthsource-solutions.com


Proposals Due

All proposals are due by
April 5, 2019. Please see Conference Theme and Requirements below.


Selections Announced

All proposals selections will be announced by May 11, 2019.


Presentation Materials

Submit final PowerPoint presentation or other materials by August 12, 2019 for publishing in our syllabus.


General Information

 Speakers and Sessions:

  • Sessions are 55 minutes long, with select sessions being repeated
  • Ten to fifteen speakers will be chosen
  • Speakers are expected to be in attendance the entire day to network with attendees
  • Sessions must be educational in nature with no undertone to sell products or services

Sessions Chosen By: 

  • Alignment with the theme: Intention/Influence/Inspiration
  • Topic relevance to worksite wellness
  • Application to the worksite and evidence it works
  • Richness of content
  • Innovation
  • Speaker experience and expertise

Session Idea Brainstorming:

Intention: What one has in mind to do or accomplish.
Syn.: aim, ambition, aspiration

  • Defining your wellness strategy and plan
  • Building program infrastructure-> impact and sustainability
  • Case Studies: What you are doing, lessons learned, successes
  • Annual communication strategies – sharing the “how to’s”
  • Aligning goals – company, wellness and personal
  • Reality check- communicating the cost of health care
  • Measuring the hard to measure

Influence: The indirect power or capacity of causing an effect.
Syn.: affect, impact, impress

  • Walking the talk: C-Suite, mid-management and frontline supervisors
  • Wellness leaders lead! Recognizing your value and influence
  • What motivates your employees?
  • Wellness DOES make a difference – moving past, “check the box”
  • The power of habits—how to influence, create, and sustain
  • The silent impact of policies, systems and environment

Inspiration: Something that makes someone want to do or create something.Syn.: motivation, creativeness, insights

  • Impacting culture thru group habits
  • Courage to talk… mental health, health care costs, high risk habits
  • Refueling your tank (personal self-help)
  • Power of storytelling – building it into your communications
  • Building wellness communities
  • Matching programs to your people