Bucket of Goodwill: One Employee’s Touching Moment

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Bucket of Goodwill Presentation
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Bucket of Goodwill: One Employee’s Touching Moment

Bucket of Goodwill Presentation

Our very own HealthSource Solutions Program Manager, Kristin Larson, CWWPM, was selected to choose the charity for the Bucket of Goodwill donation at the September 23, 2022, Good Leadership Breakfast event.

On Friday, September 23rd, several of our staff from HealthSource Solutions, LLC enjoyed a wonderful Good Leadership Breakfast event. They heard from a great leader, Peter Bevacqua from NBC Sports. He had many inspiring takeaways on how we can continue to grow as leaders.

At each Good Leadership Breakfast, participants are encouraged to contribute to the Bucket of Goodwill. Attendees can put money and their business card in the Handy Paint Pail at the center of their table. One lucky attendee’s business card is drawn, and all the money raised goes to a charity of their choice. This month our very own HealthSource Solutions Program Manager, Kristin Larson, CWWPM, was selected! She courageously shared her personal story and donated the money to Star Legacy Foundation which is dedicated to stillbirth research and education.

Kristin on Stage

Kristin’s Story:

"Our first-born daughter Blakeley was stillborn at 38 ½ weeks. We discovered she had a hyper coiled umbilical cord which could have played a role of her heart stop beating on October 20, 2016. After a healthy pregnancy and no warning signs, we advocate for all parents to be aware of the movement changes of your baby during all trimesters and if you question anything go into your clinic or emergency room. We now have two sons after losing our daughter Blakeley, but our family never stops saying her name, celebrating her Birthday, and sharing her story to bring awareness to all expecting mothers and fathers."

Star Legacy Foundation

Founded in Eden Prairie, MN, Star Legacy Foundation’s mission is to increase awareness, support research, promote education, and encourage advocacy and family support regarding stillbirth, pregnancy loss, and neonatal death.

On October 15th, participate in the International Wave of Light for World Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day, by lighting a candle at 7 pm local time to honor all babies gone too soon. Keep your candle lit for at least one hour to create a continuous “wave of light” across all time zones covering the entire globe!

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