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How A Foam Roller Helped Me Recover

By: Laura Hestbeck, Fitness Specialist

Have you ever noticed that foam cylinder tucked in the corner of your fitness center? Some of these cylinders are soft and pliable, others are more rigid and bumpy. That cylindrical piece of equipment, called a foam roller, actually offers more health benefits than you can imagine:
  • Increases blood flow

  • Increases flexibility

  • Massages tired muscles

  • Decreases muscle recovery time


By: Bridget Carlson, Senior Fitness Specialist 

Have you ever thought about how long you have been performing the same workout for? Maybe you like to switch it up and try different types of exercise throughout the week, but are you sticking to the same reps, sets, and weight used? How about your cardio sessions? Are you running, biking or rowing the same distances at the same pace every time?

Being a Working and Nursing Mother

By: Lindsay Herzog, Fitness Center Program Manager

I give credit to all those working mothers who continue to breastfeed their little ones. Talk about time management. I am lucky enough to work in an environment that not only supports this in the workplace but offers lactation rooms and other resources for its employees. In the state of Minnesota it is required that employers not only provide reasonable unpaid break time for a mother to express milk for their infant but also a private room that is not a bathroom stall to do so. Your state may have a different law so I would recommend looking into this or contacting your Human Resource Department with any questions.

Overcoming Depression One Exercise at a Time

By: Chelsey Peterson, Fitness Specialist 

Depression used to be something that no one talked about; “the elephant in the room,” if you will. That makes the illness even harder to go through, because it seemedthere wasno one to open up to. Luckily, this stigma of depressive disorders is slowly being lifted by celebrities and peers alike.

Unplug for the Summer

By: Angela Olson, Fitness Center Intern

Technology is great and has so many wonderful benefits. I cannot imagine not having everything I need in the palm of my hand. All the information I want is fast and right there in an instant. With that being said, it is easy to become too invested in technology that we forget about what is happening around us. Life, at its best, is happening right in front of us. If we are too busy looking down at our screen, we are going to miss it all. 

Perks of being a Vegetarian


(Above photo is a black bean burger Molly made while being vegetarian)

By: Molly James, Fitness Specialist/Program Coordinator

As a test to my willpower I decided to stop eating meat for 4 months. I originally decided to cut out meat for Lent, which is 40 days long. After40 days I wanted to see how long I could go with this lifestyle. This lasted until the end of May and holy cow did I learn a lot! The following are some perks and some downsides I experienced while being a vegetarian.

Yoga - Not Just for Yogis

By: Julie Broberg

I am very new to yoga.  I had taken a few classes in the past and didn’t really like it.  Not sure why I didn’t like it, but decided at the time that it wasn’t for me.

Recently I was asked to start teaching a yoga class at work.  I have taught other classes in the past, so I thought why not.  I didn’t expect that just by teaching a few classes and being mentored by fellow coworkers, that I would enjoy it as much as I do. I have to say I look forward to it every week!

Get Your Move On


By Jill Duevel, Director of Business Development

Seven months ago, I lost a parent to type II Diabetes. Loved ones and I witnessed firsthand the negative effects of being sedentary had on my Dad: his body, muscles, endurance, internal organs, body mass index, and his overall happiness. Going through this process has forever impacted my life in many ways.  I would like to share one specific example in hopes that I will help to make a positive impact on your quality of life.  

Detoxing From Negativity


By Abby Jacobs, HealthSource Solutions intern

Detoxing doesn’t just have to be the kind where your goal is to lose so many in pounds in a certain amount of time.

When we think of the word detox, we usually think about a diet, but there are many other toxins to cut out. Detox from the negativity. These toxins may be people, things, thoughts, behaviors, etc. It can help move you forward towards that positive healthy lifestyle you need. For starters, think about the things in your life that can either help you or the things that can hurt you.

2 Reasons Why the Weight Room Should be Explored


By: Sydney Burch

Instead of trudging to the gym in an effort to blast out 60 minutes on a cardio machine, why not venture into new terrain? Although possibly intimidating at first, this new terrain wants you to come explore. It welcomes you with open benches! It offers you benefits for your body and mind, creative ways to sweat, other explorers who share similar goals and finally, a solution to your gym boredom. The weight room and all of its free weights, cable machines and squat racks offers you effective and challenging ways to get your best workout. Let’s see how!