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By Dawn Boyle, Executive Vice President

This is the fourth year that the HealthSource Solutions team has volunteered at the 2.5 mile water station for the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon.  It has been a great time for our team to support and cheer on all those participants who engage in physical activity as a way of life. The top 5 reasons we love volunteering for this event:

  1. We love getting up early to prepare the water tables, drink coffee and listen to Alan Page play the tuba.
  2. We enjoy spending a little extra time with coworkers and their families as we prep the PowerAde for the race.  We’ve become pros at stacking the cups in 3 layers for the mad rush of runners that will come through!
  3. We get to shout and high five the efforts of our friends, clients and coworkers running the race!
  4. We witness first hand the creative bunch of runners wearing costumes and colorful gear. This year the star…… Chewbacca! 
  5. We get to be part of a great event that is hosted by a great company who believes in wellness! 

We will continue to offer our time to support this race every year as it has become a tradition for the HealthSource team!