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Power in Planning

By Carolyn Peterson, Account Manager

There is power in planning. Most of us have felt the excitement and energy around a well-planned event, whether at work or at home. We almost can’t wait for it to happen, because we are ready! Wellness planning can have that same feel – it allows you to take a step back, connect with your wellness team and set goals that are important to your organization. Here are some guidelines to help you with planning your 2014 wellness program.

  1. Collect data from your health assessment, claims information and previous program evaluations. Use this information to see what is most important to improve employee wellness and to determine interests.
  2. Review past programs to determine what worked and what did not work with your employees.
  3. Meet with your leadership to determine what their goals are for the wellness program. Discuss the wellness programs in the workplace along with the company’s strategic goals.
  4. Set three to five health goals with metrics. This can include participation rates, health outcomes, satisfaction rates and/or self-efficacy goals.
  5. Put your plan to paper and create a calendar or list of upcoming employee wellness programs.

Consider a comprehensive approach to your plan that includes health awareness, behavior-change programs, risk or group specific approaches (such as tobacco cessation or training for a 5K) and environmental changes in your workplace. Don’t try to do too much, but work on having your staff wellness program become more visible in your organization on an ongoing basis.

Your Family’s Greatest Gift is You!

By Mary Kruse, President

My Mom loved to entertain and Christmas was a time for the extended family and friends to reunite. Christmas Eve was about catching up, good food, party libations and laughing a lot. Christmas Eve was one of my fondest memories.

It was Christmas Eve and I was 12. I was abruptly woken to my Dad having a heart attack. Rather than tearing into presents Christmas morning we spent it at the hospital with my Dad.

Although I was young, I learned quickly that Christmas wasn’t about presents; it was about having the ones we love in good health and by our side. That emotional Christmas was 40 years ago; it still feels like yesterday. The greatest gift you can give your family is taking care of “you” and making your health a priority.