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Learning ZoneXpress: Partners in Nutrition Education

Learning ZoneXpress (LZX) is a nutrition education company that designs, creates, and delivers educational resources for adults and children. Like HealthSource Solutions, they are a leader in customer service and are known for high quality products and services. With a common goal to encourage individuals to make positive lifestyle changes, LZX offers the following products to promote health and wellness in workplaces, schools, clinics, and more.

Posters – Eye-catching posters communicate nutrition messages and are great visuals for common areas reminding staff members to make healthy choices. LZX customers find posters to be most effective in spaces where employees tend to gather.  Examples include stairwells, hallways, break areas, and bathroom doors.

Customer Favorites: USDA MyPlate, Energy In, Energy Out, and Portion Distortion

Handouts & Tri-fold Brochures – Handouts are a simple way to encourage healthy habits outside of the workplace. Send employees home with nutrition information to share with their families.

Customer Favorites: Read Food Labels, 1 Great Plate®, and Eating Well with MyPlate

PowerPoint Presentations – These presentations written by registered dietitians make for the perfect introduction to an employee wellness program. Learning ZoneXpress offers a wide range of PowerPoints that can be edited. Topics include sugary beverages, USDA MyPlate Dietary Guidelines, and more.

Customer Favorites: Obesity in a Bottle, MyPlate Dietary Guidelines, The Case for Breakfast

Learning ZoneXpress health and wellness products offer consistent reminders and visual cues to help both children and adults make healthy choices. They would make a great addition to any employee wellness program. As an introductory offer to HealthSource customers, LZX is offering free tri-fold samples to those that fill out this form.  To learn more about Learning ZoneXpress products, visit