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De-clutter and De-stress

 by: Dawn Boyle, Executive Vice President

Spring cleaning is a common and natural reoccurrence for many every year. For me, fall is also a great time to clean, to clear and to mentally declutter. After getting kids back in school and falling into a new schedule, it’s a great time to clean out closets and cabinets, prepare the landscape and outdoors for winter and enjoy the change in season. Fall is a time to pursue calm and beauty and a time to clear your mind and prepare for upcoming events. For me, there is something about wrapping up one season and preparing for the next that creates a peaceful and relaxing mental framework. A time to appreciate what was just completed and a time to anticipate what lies ahead.

Mental Health America, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Americans live mentally healthier lives, lists the following suggestions for creating a healthier mental state.

  • Connect with others: strengthen current relationships or create new ones.
  • Stay positive: increase your optimism when faced with challenges.
  • Become physically active: physical activity increases endorphins to make you feel happier.
  • Help others: volunteer your time for a good cause.
  • Get enough sleep: make it a priority to get to bed on time.
  • Create joy and satisfaction: take some time to relax.
  • Eat well: fuel your mind and your body with proper nourishment.
  • Take care of your spirit: try meditating.
  • Deal well with hard times: find strategies to cope in times of distress.
  • Get professional help if you need it: don’t hesitate to seek help or get information on therapy or medications.

The busy, fun summer has come to an end, and the chaos of holidays, gatherings and celebrations is right around the corner. Now is a time to create a sense of calm and relaxation. Mental stress plays a major role in attitudes, wellness and lifestyle habits. Too much stress can cause overeating, depression and lack of sleep, which contributes to a lower quality of life. So take some time this fall to enjoy the beauty and create a healthier mental state!

Heart Melters

By: Jenn Bonn, Fitness Specialist

Little kids have a special place in my heart; People Serving People does, too. When I used to volunteer at this Minneapolis homeless shelter regularly, I could walk in and with no introduction, toddlers would run up to jump on me, hug me, and ask me to play or rock them to sleep for nap time. There is nothing like the look of adoration from a child’s eyes when you do something as simple as read them a book (usually the same one a dozen times) or sit by them while they finish their afternoon snack (and shove a few graham crackers in your face, too).

How excited was I when it was announced that HealthSource Solutions would be leading activities for some of the kids at People Serving People! My co-workers were able to see the need - and want - from the kids for community involvement. We led the older kids through activities, played with the younger kids and did puzzles with the toddlers. The kids laughed through the different challenges and games and tried their hand at leading, too; I have never hopped like a bunny so many times! (Simon Says can be great interval training!) 

My heart melts each time I am with the kids at People Serving People (especially since they have a lot of room in my heart) and it was a joy to be back there again. That adoring look from the kids is extra special when you are modeling fun activities with a great and giving group of people.

Do what melts your heart.

For more information about People Serving People, click here.

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