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In early 2009, Park Nicollet Health Services decided to divest its HealthSource division. For over 30 years Park Nicollet HealthSource provided premium Health Promotion and Employee Fitness Center Management Services.  Park Nicollet was very much ahead of the trends in the Health Promotion industry. In fact, it was ahead of the industry!  

Happy Quitter

One of the services HealthSource provides to Minnesota companies is QUITPLAN at Work, a free, grant-funded tobacco cessation program. A certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist facilitates a 5-week class at the worksite for one hour each week and provides education and support to help employees kick the habit. We love hearing success stories from these classes! Dan is an employee at John’s Auto Parts in St. Paul. He participated in QUITPLAN at Work in April of 2011 and remains smoke-free today. I chatted with him over the phone to learn more about his experience:

Emily: How many years had you smoked? How many quit attempts?
Dan: I smoked for 38 years. I quit once for a year and then I started up again.
E: How did the class work for you?
D: Good. There was good information. I had quit before I started the class and I am still tobacco-free, though I still dream about smoking cigarettes. I wake up and smell my fingers and remind myself that I didn’t smoke. I can be around people who smoke and it doesn’t bother me anymore.
E: What was the most helpful role/suggestion from the counselor?
D: I think it was to get rid of all of your lighters, take a different route to work, using the stress rock, the little things. I don’t need my rock anymore.
E: Have you had any setbacks?
D: No. I haven’t touched one since. I used to smoke 2 ½ packs per day.
E: How long have you been smoke-free?
D: 372 days.
E: Is there anything that would help you stay that way?

D: The fact that I want to succeed. I don’t cough anymore     


HealthSource Solutions Gets in Gear

HealthSource Solutions employees trained and ran as a corporate team in the Get in Gear race held on Saturday, April 28th.  Seven competed in the 5K race and four competed in the 10K!

Heart & Soul, the wellness committee at HealthSource Solutions, offered an eight-week training program leading up to the race for any employees who wanted to compete. Heart & Soul stands for Healthy Employees Actively Reaching-out Together, Supporting Outreach, Unity and Living well. Our wellness committee is committed to offering the same quality programming and culture of wellness to HealthSource employees that HealthSource Solutions does for the clients we consult and work with.

Congratulations to all the runners who participated. Although it was a cold and wet morning, it was a beautiful event with around 8,000 total runners competing. It’s not about which race you ran or what your time was. It’s about being healthy, working together and living well!