Webinar (20min): An Introduction to Our Mental Wellbeing Strategy

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Our Mental Wellbeing Strategy

Mary Kruse, MS, CEO, and Sr. Consultant, HealthSource Solutions

Employers play a key role in supporting employees' mental health and wellbeing and are challenged to meet this ever-changing demand. Supporting employee mental health and wellbeing is a complex interwoven web of identification, support, communication, training, fairness, and individual responsibility.

HealthSource Solutions has developed a multi-phased strategy to help your organization build a culture that enables employees to feel safe, valued, and supported. It goes beyond just offering tools and resources, and addresses mental wellbeing from an organizational perspective which encompasses individual elements, company influencers, and community factors.  

This 20-minute session outlines our new approach to addressing mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.


ENCOURAGE intervention, and

CREATE A CULTURE of inclusion and acceptance.

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