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HealthSource Solutions offers competitive wages and benefits. Learning is one of our core values, so staff development and growth is a priority. We believe that outstanding customer service comes through staff that are engaged and enjoy their work.

HealthSource positions may include:

  • Account Manager
  • Program Coordinator
  • Program Manager
  • Senior Fitness Specialist
  • Fitness Specialist
  • Health Testing Specialist—on call
  • Fitness Professional—on call
  • Dietitian

Internship Opportunities

HealthSource Solutions offers internship opportunities in worksite health promotion and fitness center management. The goal of our internship program is to increase technical and business skills, provide exposure to the worksite culture, expand knowledge of the health care system, enhance program-marketing skills and provide professional opportunities for growth.

Our internship opportunities are unique because of our experienced staff, the diversity of our clients and the innovative programs we design. HealthSource Solutions provides interns with a well-rounded educational experience. Depending on the type of internship selected, interns will be exposed to and gain experience in the following:

  • fitness assessments and screenings
  • group exercise class instruction
  • exercise program design
  • comprehensive health promotion programming
  • health-risk assessment implementation process
  • high-risk programming
  • health fair, and health screenings
  • educational display design
  • wellness committee meetings
  • sales and marketing
  • program impact and outcomes

*HealthSource only provides internships for academic credit.

Internship Application Deadlines:

  • April 1st --- Fall internship
  • October 1st --- Winter internship
  • February 1st --- Summer internship

To apply for an internship with HealthSource Solutions, complete the internship application form here.