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 The Statewide Health Improvement Partnership (SHIP) works to create good health where Minnesotans live, work, learn and play. Through SHIP funding, the Dakota County Public Health Department is providing you with free start-up resources to create a culture of health at your worksite. Learn more below.


Applications due November 22nd: Complete the application


Why make wellness a priority?
Businesses play a vital role in the health of their employees. Adults are most likely to change a behavior when supported by the people they spend time with, backed by policies, environment and system changes. Investment in employee wellness can also lead to increased productivity and reduced absenteeism.*


Our goal
To assist you in creating a sustainable wellness culture at your worksite and set a foundation of policy, environmental and system supports in the following areas:

Healthy food environments: Increase access to healthy foods in cafeterias, vending and catering, as well as establish healthy food workplace guidelines.

Comprehensive tobacco-free worksite: Establish tobacco-free policies, health plan coverage of tobacco cessation treatment, and onsite support for and promotion of tobacco cessation treatment.

Physical activity environment: Create active worksites by increasing opportunities for physical activity during the workday, support for walking and biking to work, and greater access to worksite fitness facilities.

Breastfeeding support: Provide new moms with a comfortable place to express milk that complies with state law, and establish supportive worksite policies so they can continue breastfeeding after they return to work.


How it works
Throughout this initiative you will be supported by staff from Dakota County Public Health Department and a HealthSource Solutions consultant

Your consultant will help you:

  • Complete a comprehensive organizational assessment to help identify and prioritize your worksite wellness needs
  • Establish a wellness committee, brand and vision statement
  • Set goals and create an action plan

Continuous support:

  • Receive tools and resources to help you create a successful and sustainable worksite wellness culture
  • Attend collaborative meetings to share and learn from other worksites
  • Receive additional funds to help support your wellness initiatives


Ready to get started?
Click here to complete the online application.

Need more information?
Please contact:
Christa Kannel
HealthSource Solutions, Wellness Program Manager


*Goetzel RZ, and Ozminkowski RJ. (2008). The Health and Cost Benefits of Work Site Health-Promotion Programs. Annual Review of Public Health