2021 Holiday Spirit Days

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Holiday Spirit Days Calendar
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2021 Holiday Spirit Days

Holiday Spirit Days Calendar

Beginning December 6th we are encouraging our staff to have fun and be creative as we enjoy the holiday season. Each day we are celebrating a different holiday theme and will post our pictures below. Above is our calendar if you'd like to join in the fun!

December 6: Holiday Socks
Holiday Spirit_Socks
December 7: Holiday Flannels
Holiday Spirit Flannel Day
December 8: Holiday Beverages
Holiday Beverages
December 9: Holiday Hats
Holiday Hats
December 10: Comfy Cozy Day
December 13: Hockey Day
December 13: Snowman Day
snowman holiday spirit
December 15: Winter Olympics
holiday Spirit_Winter Olympics
December 16: Ugly Sweater Day
2021 Ugly Sweaters
December 17: Holiday Icon Day
Holiday Icon Day
December 20: Holiday Ornament Day
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