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Conference Theme:

Purpose, Persistence, Passion




Application for Breakout Sessions:

We are accepting applications from experienced presenters to take part in this highly attended conference.


General Information: 

  • Sessions are 55 minutes long, with select sessions being repeated
  • Ten to fifteen speakers will be chosen
  • Speakers are expected to be in attendance the entire day to network with attendees

Sessions must be educational in nature with no undertone to sell products or services

  • Sessions Chosen By:
  • Alignment with the theme: Purpose, Persistence, Passio
  • Topic relevance to a wide range of attendees
  • Richness of content
  • New or trending topics/ideas
  • Application in a workplace
  • Evidence or experience that it works
  • Innovation
  • Speaker experience and expertise


Session Ideas: this list is meant to help generate ideas

Purpose (Why): “the reason something is done or created, or for which something exists.”

  • Changing culture matters
  • Shifting from wellness to wellbeing
  • The power of goodness and gratitude
  • Aligning your Wellness Program with the organizational mission and goals
  • Impact of emotions on work environment
  • Organizational leadership / development

Persistence (How): “firm continuance in a course of action despite difficulty or opposition”

  • Building strategy
  • The power of habit—how to influence, create, and sustain
  • Reaching the hard to reach
  • Recruit, sustain and engage employees
  • Measuring change/success
  • Using incentives
  • Engaging leadership at all levels
  • Addressing chronic conditions in the workplace:Depression/Anxiety, Diabetes/CVD/etc
  • Building program infrastructure to ensure sustainability
  • Impacting policy, systems and environment to support change
  • Behavioral architecture (how you apply)

Passion (What): “intense enthusiasm for something”

  • What works what doesn’t?
  • Keeping the wellness committee engaged and motivated
  • Incorporating resilience/mindfulness
  • Case Studies: What you are doing, lessons learned, successes
  • Workforce strategy
  • Jobs = strength and passion
  • Refueling your tank (personal self-help)
  • Successful program implementation ideas
  • The importance of telling the story
  • New trends/pushing innovation
  • Technology and effectiveness (apps, wearables, wellness portals, etc.)
  • Digital health


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If you have any questions, please contact Jenna Andrews at (763)287-0744 or